Let’s “De-list It” So It’s Not GX (Extinct)

Introducing My Blog: Endangered and Not So Much

Endangered-G1(Critically Imperiled), Threatened-G2(Imperiled), Rare-G3(Vulnerable), or “Not so Much”

The future blogs will not be a “doomsday” site, but rather a place to find how one can:  Learn, Give Thought, Be Inspired, and Take Action to bring back balance in the species with rapidly decreasing populations. A recent study estimated that the extinction rate has increased a hundredfold over the last century, and we seem to be to blame. But, we can change that.

What do we do?

Knowledge about a topic or situation usually provokes creative thought. It is articles such as Michael Marshal’s, “What is the point of saving endangered species?” that gave me more understanding on the subject. It is long but worth the read! Here is the link:


Give Thought
“Whatever I have to do to get people to care,” Joel Sartore said in his Ted Talk.
The words “What do I have to do?” made me think long and hard about how can I have more of a voice behind my artwork of documenting the rare and endangered plants and wildflowers. His engaging photographs of species made me want to not just stop at my main interest of plants, but how can I be more engaged about bringing back the biodiversity of all the earth’s species.


Be Inspired
Yes, he inspired me. It’s an electrical current though me that jolts me to say, “You have got to do this”. The instigator for me to create this platform was listening to Joel’s talk. This blog will introduce you to individuals – whether they are painters, writers, or musicians – who have married their work to conservation to stimulate that spark.

Take Action
Just ONE thing! So often it is simple, such as planting a milkweed plant so that the monarch butterfly can lay its eggs and babies have the only food that will sustain it.

Bring back balance!
Let’s do it!




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